Hi guys, as you will probably have seen on the Limitless facebook & band groups I have done a Limitless only build. After a user pointed out an issue I have had to tweak it which will involve you guys to do a little bit of skinning inside kodi to get the build working to it’s full potential. That may sound daunting to some but trust me it’s easy peasy. This guide will give you everything you need to get it working. Plus you get to learn a new skill 😁.

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Ok 1st up we will go through getting the build installed. 
You will need to clear data in Kodi so that you have a blank canvass, dont forget to allow unkown sources before you do anything else. Once your ready you need to add the following urls into the address bar on the internet browser in your device (or es explorer for fire devices).

Wizard Zip: http://bit.ly/2jifyPh

Build Zip: http://bit.ly/2iHTluy

Once they are downloaded (they should be located in the downloads folder on your device) you need to open up Kodi and 1st install the wizard.

Go to Addons

Click on the icon at the top left

Then Install from zip file

Then external storage and navigate to your download folder.

Find the wizard zip and select it

Wait for addon enabled to appear

Thats the wizard installed so go to my addons

Program addons

Click on the wizard then open



(Restore) Local Build

Click no, cancel

Then navigate to your download folder again and locate the build zip which will be LimitlessBuildv2.0.zip and not what it shows in the screenshot below

Click on it and the build will start restoring, once it has finished select force close Kodi

Open Kodi and the build will be installed

So thats the build installed no we have to get you up and running. The 1st thing you will need to do is log in to your Limitless account in the addon. So on the addons menu item (as shown above) you need to click in the video addons sub menu, then Limitless V2 addon and enter your login details. When you are prompted whether to set up Tv Guide or not select Yes and then select ivue Tv Guide.

1st thing we are going to do now is link your account to the Tv Guide.

To do this we are going to go into video addons again and select ivue creator.

Then subscribe

Limitless V2

Live Tv

All (hold down/menu button)


Thats now the Tv Guide set up, you can change the appearence of the Tv Guide, if anyone wants to look at some other options just give me a shout. Next up we need to link the correct catgory action to each menu item, so if you back out so you are in the build and scroll accross to Settings we need to select Skin Settings on the sub menu.

Then select Set up Aeon Nox main menu

And you should have this screen

Tv Guide doesn’t need anything doing to it so 1st up we are going to work on Sports Channels, as this menu item (and Movie Channels) don’t have an action directly on the main menu we are going to select manage sub menu.

Which will take you here

For each of the 3 sub menu items we need to link the correct action so we are clicking on Change Action


Video addon

Limitless V2

Live Tv

UK | Sky Sports

Then Create Menu Item Here

Then it’s just a case of repeating that process but changing the action to match the sub menu item to UK Sport and US/CA Sports.

The same process needs to be done for movie channels.

The rest of the main menu items are directly linked to that category in the Limitless addon so no more manage submenu for the rest, just a case of going down the list and assigning the correct action. So for Catchup Tv we do the following which is identical to how we linked the sub menus except we will be using VOD not Live Tv.

Change Action like below. 

Then again Addon

Video addon

Limitless V2

Catchup TV (wait for it to populate) then create menu item here.

It’s then just a case of working your way down the menu items and repeating the same process for each menu item. 24/7 and Kids 24/7 channels are inside Live Tv but the rest will be in VOD.

You will see Movies Tv Shows Weather and Music Videos items listed as shown at the top and bottom of this screenshot

They are default menu options on the skin and we aren’t going to do anything with them as they aren’t visable on the build.

Once you have linked the correct action to each menu item you need to back out onto the main build, go to Power and select quit in the sub menu. This will save all your changes. Simply open kodi again and you should be all set up and ready to go. Hopefully you’ve all stayed with me and enjoyed what may be your 1st experience of skinning. If any one has any issues then feel free to PM me.