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Afternoon guys. In todays blog we are going to have a fairly in depth look at Terrarium Tv apk. I’ve been banging on about this app for a while and I’m sure a lot of you have heard and or use it. For those of you that haven’t you’re in for a treat.

So what is Terrarium Tv? Well it’s a standalone “app” that offers on demand movies and Tv shows in a much smaller size than Kodi + a build (around 30mb) which frees up plenty of space for other things. The easiest comparison would be that it is Exodus/Covenant/Elysium but seperate from kodi. Yes kodi has a lot more content when it comes to live streams but their are other apk’s that offer the same so I am sure the know it alls will throw a load BS at this in certain groups. This is simply about on demand content and the ease of use to watch what you want.

If it’s movies and Tv shows you’re after then you don’t need anything else. You’ll even find streams for things like WWE Raw/Smackdown. Think Netflix and Kodi rolled into one. The interface is elegant and easier to use than your usual 3rd party addon without losing the content you love.

Whether you are looking for the latest HD movie (cam copies are also available but you can filter these out in settings if you’re a purist) animated classic to keep the kids entertained or a cinematic classic you are covered with all the genre categories on offer. Same applies to Tv shows, whether you want to keep up to date with the current fall tv season shows or binge on some gone but not forgotten shows. 

Terrarium Tv like the 3rd party addons it is similar too is a “scraper” meaning it pulls multiple links in varying quality for what you want to watch and the number of high quality streams available is very impressive even for older shows and movies. 

To improve the amount of high quality 1080p, 5.1 sound links Terrarium is compatible with Real Debrid which costs a few quid a month as well as alluc which is free to sign up to at just a simple case of logging into real debrid inside the app or entering an api key for alluc which you get once you have signed up, in the app settings. In addition to these, to get your device and Terrarium or any other app, even Kodi to run at it’s full potential you really should invest in a VPN like IP Vanish. In most instances your ISP will block certain providers, limiting the amount of the highest quality streams (audio & visual) you will get. You can get 50% off IP Vanish right now by entering coupon code IPVSAVE50 when you sign up. Terrarium Tv also supports which is free to sign up to and allows you to put all your favourite shows and movies in one place inside the favourites tab in the app, from there it will update which episodes you have watched and will automatically add any new episodes and notify you when they are available.


Terrarium supports 3 media players including a built in one, the others are VLC and MX player so you will need these installed on your device. With real debrid links you will get the odd 1080p links with dts sound (these will be easy to spot as they will be larger in size than other 1080p links). MX player doesn’t support dts sound so if you have chosen a link with dts you will need to switch the default player to either VLC or the in built one in settings.

Subtitles are also much improved and easier to use than in 3rd party addons as they are included and set up straight off the bat, whether you need some for non English speaking parts when a hard coded HDRip copy is available or you need them all the time, just simply select play with subtitles once you click on the stream you want to watch and select subtitle file.

Terrarium also allows you to download to your device, so if you are going away and don’t have access to wifi or don’t want to use your mobile data you can download a movie or an entire season of a show and watch it on your device. (we reccommend you use a VPN such as IP Vanish to protect yourself if you do download anything)

There are other apk’s that offer similar content such as Showbox, TeaTv etc but Terrarium is far superior for looks and usability as well as the speed at which you can move around it. The only improvent I would like to see in a future update would be a Netflix autoplay function to look for and play the next episode of a show straight away. 

The current version of Terrarium is v1.8.0 and you can download it directly from our server by clicking on this link or by entering the url into the browser on your device or in es explorer on fire devices

If you are unsure on how to setup trakt or Real Debrid you can check out our guides for Real Debrid here and trakt here.

This heir to the throne could well usurp the current king of streaming platforms.

If you have any questions regarding getting set up with the best settings then please get in touch @Online_Streams on Twitter or on facebook and we will be happy to guide you through it.