Morning guys. Been a while since I blogged about anything but today I am going to look at Spark Hosting. Why am I looking at this one specifically? Well they were kind enough to offer some free subs to the Charity Raffle we are running so I thought it only fair to do a favour in return.

There seems to be a new IPTV service popping up daily at the minute, most are good, others not so much. Spark have been around for a while but i’ve only used it to write this review, which after spending the best part of a day playing around with it was clearly a mistake on my part. I have tried out many similar services and while no service is 100% reliable 100% of the time this is a good one, a very good one. Server uptime is around 99% which means that statistically it is one of the most reliable services you will find.

So what do we get and what devices can it be used on? F***ing anything and everything basically. 5,000+ plus channels as well as some on demand movies and tv shows. All the UK & US channels you could wish for with live sports and PPV events catered for. Channels from Brazil, India, Turkey, Holland/Belguim, Hungary, Germany, Portugal, Africa, Thailand the list goes on, and on and from picking out random channels (some freaky stuff on Tv around the world by the way) they all worked seamlessly with the vast majority in crystal clear HD. This may not always be the case but that is the nature of an IPTV service. You can check out a full channel list here.

Just a couple of screenshots of the service working on Perfect Player. You can get Spark Hosting on any android device, iOS, Firestick/Tv, Smart Tv (Samsung, LG), Zgemma box, Mag Box, Kodi, stb emulater. You’re pretty much covered no matter what device you have really. It’s very easy to get signed up to the sub that you need on the device you have by going to there website

Pricing is extremely competetive, in fact for what you get it’s a bargain.

1 Connection:

1 Month £10

3 Months £25

6 Months £45

12 Months £60

2 Connections:

3 Months £38

6 Months £69

12 Months £90

Spark also offer a 3 day weekend pass for £5 as well as 24hr free trials during the week to give you a little taste of what you are going to get, as if I haven’t convinced you already to get it though 😉.

So, to summarise. 10k+ channels CHECK, Vod CHECK, Reliable HD streams CHECK, Competetive pricing CHECK!

Like I said at the beginning of this blog, an IPTV service that is up at the top for quality and content so if you are looking to take the plunge with your first IPTV provider or are looking for an excellent backup to one you have already then these guys should be your first choice. Whether you want to watch your favourite show as it airs or want to spend the weekend watching Football, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL or whatever, trust me you are covered. Easily in my top 2 of the services I have tried so get yourself signed up.

You can follow the team behind this service on twitter @spark_hosting. 

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