Afternoon all, this blog is a bit of a reintroduction of sorts. Although the website is still called (for now, it will be migrated to a new website url soon) it will no longer deal with anything relating to Kodi, yes it’s slightly confusing until the url changes haha. So what will we be concentrating on now and why the change? 

I’ll answer the second question first. The reason that I have moved away from Kodi is fairly simple. It’s nowhere near what it was when I first got into it. There are some absolutely incredible people who are in the Kodi community still that have helped me and hopefully stay in touch, unfortunately they are far outweighed by people who are solely in it for themselves, whether that is lining their own pockets by asking for donations or creating pins to access addons (not going into that any further 🤔) or can’t be arsed to help end users who they see as a nuisance. Plus the constant bickering on social media gets very boring very quickly add to that all the clickbait videos and blogs and it’s not really for me anymore.

So what are we doing now going forward? We will be concentrating on Apps/Apks, which offer all the content you have become accustomed to with Kodi without losing anything in quality of streams. Used in the right way they are actually a far more stable and reliable way to watch what you want whether they be free apps or premium subscription providers for live tv & sport. As well as those we will be concentrating on devices, which ones are best for your needs, not just saying “X” device is the best because it costs the most money. We will also be concentrating on services that will enhance your experiences using apps, think Real Debrid and Trakt and you’re on the right lines. Hopefully our resident movie reviewer Jane Davidson will continue as well. 

Apps are an excellent alternative for many reasons, file size of apps being considerably lower, better interfaces are just a couple.

We are all set up with a new twitter feed @Online_Streams and a new facebook group which you can join here. Both will give updates on the latest news for the best apps whether you want VOD movies and Tv, Live Tv and Sport, Gaming, Music and some other stuff. Some come follow on twitter or join up on facebook aling with subscribing to this website and hopefully you will learn some things that can benefit you.

Thanks guys