Morning folks, in this blog we will be having a look at the Dazzawm Wizard which is a new wizard on the scene. It’s not your typical wizard like Ares etc where you have a ridiculous amount of builds from various builders to choose from. All the builds are made, and maintained by our good friend and one of the nicest guys in the community Darren. The wizard has a maintenance section as well as all the builds, just to keep you running smoothly.

Let’s get to the good stuff though, the builds. Their are 9 builds available for you to install. You have the main Dazzawm build (review of it can be found here but it’s been updated with new backgrounds/addons etc since then) screenshot below gives you a taste of the look.

That’s the main build if you like, if you are a football fan though the other builds are going to be what you really install this wizard for. 8 builds are available for 8 different football teams (Liverpool *the best one obviously, Southampton, Chelsea, Leeds, Spurs, West Ham, Newcastle and Sunderland currently). All have the same layout but they have all been extensively tweaked and personalised for the team it is dedicated to. Each build has everything you need for Live Sports, Movies, Tv Shows with the best and most reliable addons, the lot basically. Check out some screenshots below…….

Each and every build is nice and easy to use and small enough for any device. All builds are for Krypton though so if you are running Jarvis you won’t be able to use them unless you have a fork of Krypton installed.

To install the wizard you will need to clear your Kodi data and simply add into file manager, install the zip file, easy peasy or you can watch a youtube tutorial here

The builds are updated regularly to remove any dead addons and add any new ones. To keep up to date, give some feedback or request something you can follow Darren on Twitter @dazzawm, on Telegram @dazzawm or on his facebook group. He is willing to take requests for other teams if your favourite isn’t available already so just give him a shout. They are easily the best and most reliable builds of this kind that I have come accross so I can’t reccommend them highly enough.