Good morning guys, it’s been a while since I blogged anything (had a great holiday) but i’m back, refreshed and ready to take this site in some other directions besides being Kodi centric to give you some excellent alternative options for your streaming needs, as well as some other things I have lined up, more about that another time though 😉.

In this blog (will be the 1st in a series) i’ll be running through what the best setups are on your device. Whether you want Live Tv and Sports (free), On Demand Films, Tv Shows, a Premium Sub for Live Tv, whether you should have a VPN, Real Debrid, Trakt or all of the above. 

Kodi is a fantastic platform to get everything I just mentioned, but with the constant closures, changes to addons and builds it can be a bit of a ballache keeping up, especially for newer users. Today we are going to give you some alternatives, not only will you not lose anything you can find in Kodi with a build but you may save a hell of a lot of storage space, which in turn makes your device run faster and smoother.

Personally I haven’t used Kodi for my streaming needs for about 2 months now (apart from updating the ATK Builds). This is my personal preference at the minute and it may not be for everyone. My setup includes the Terrarium Tv app for my Film and Tv Show on demand needs (their are others available and you can check out our top picks here). Terrarium supports both Real Debrid and Trakt Playlist integration which I have. For my Live Tv and Sports needs I have a Premium Sub which has it’s own standalone app, their are plenty of reliable ones aroud for very competetive prices. If you don’t want to fork out for one and are happy with less reliable streams then their are plenty of free Live Tv apps (you can find our top picks here). 

With just those 2 apps I have everything I need. The latest new movie releases in the same quality they appear in Kodi, the latest Tv show episodes and shows to binge on with Terrarium Tv and all my live tv and sports needs with my premium subscription. This saves a minimum of 200mb on my device so if you have a low memory device it could be the way for you to go. 

Below are some screenshots of my trakt playlists which are available in the favourites tab on Terrarium, all you need is a trakt account ( and start adding shows and movies to your playlist (guide on how to get setup here which is for Kodi but the account setup is the same)

Once your trakt account is setup and you have added to your playlists you simply go into settings in Terrarium, down to trakt and login as shown in the screenshot below.

If you have a Real Debrid account just scroll down a little further and login to your Real Debrid account. Easy peasy and now you get access to all the higher quality streams you get in Covenant, Elysium etc in Kodi.

The added bonus of Terrarium is that you can download shows and films directly onto your device or an external memory card. This is great if you are going away and you don’t have access to wifi, just download what you want before you go. Great to keep the kids entertained when you need to. It’s also a great option at home if your kids have a Tv and device in their bedroom, you can set it up so the default screens are animated movies or tv shows so unless they take a massive look around they won’t be watching somthing they shouldn’t. You can also make a specific trakt list for them as well so all they have to do is go to favourites and they can choose themselves.

With the premium sub and many free ones the use of a VPN is recommended, especially now that UK ISP’s are blocking EPL matches. I use IP Vanish and until Wednesday 23rd August you can 50% off a years plan ($39 or £32). You can read my review of it here. Like I said it is recommended, not just to get around ISP blocks but to access geo locked content and to keep your online activity private.

I used to pay over £100 per month (addon broadband costs on top of that) users in the US from what I have been told pay much more than that to get access to a fraction of what I can now. With my Premium Sub, VPN and Real Debrid I now spend roughly £13 per month to have access to the same live channels (In HD) and any movie or box set I can think of. I still have my TV provider set top box so the wife can watch her soaps or record them if she needs to but I’ve got everything I need with my setup. Like I said at the beginning it won’t be for everyone but a saving of  £100+ plus per month proves that if you do it right cytting the cord won’t impact your viewing habits, actually enhances it.

The ease of use of the apps that I use is what I like, I haven’t got to trawl through countless menu items and addons in Kodi to find my lists or what I want to watch, I don’t have to worry about buffering or loss of channels for Live Tv. 

All this Kodi should be free stuff people spout is a load of bollocks from freeloaders who are the 1st to moan if something doesn’t work. Kodi devs work very hard in their spare time mainly and I have the upmost respect for them but to truly cut the cord and give yourself the best experience you can get, for a fraction of the cost a setup like mine is what you need. 

I have written this while sat surrounded by screaming kids at soft play so my apologies 😂.
Please feel free to leave a comment with any questions or contact me on Twitter @AllThingsKodi