Morning guys and girls, today I am back with another installment of The Grand Build Tour, this time I will be looking at the Team Gateway Build which is available in the Community Builds section of Wookie Wizard or by sticking in file manager. The build is 266mb so no matter what device you have as long as you are using Kodi Krypton or a fork of it the build will work nicely on it.

Ok lets take a look at the build then. With it using the Aeon Nox skin everyone should be accustomed to how the build is navigated etc. All the usual suspects with regards to addons are present, with the excellent new addon Covenent (Exodus replacement) also installed. No matter whether you are looking for Real Debrid content, live tv/sport, latest movie and tv shows or some classics, the best and most reliable addons are here for you and easily found off the main menu with sections such as Movies, Tv Shows, Kids, All In Ones etc

While I’m on the subject of the main menu lets take a look at it, the Gateway build employs multi backgrounds so the few screenshots I’ve added barely scratch the surface of what you get. The backgrounds themselves look stunning, whether it’s the sprawling landscapes or ones that have been created with photoshop and the like, don’t worry about the Horror section not having backgrounds, with it being a family build the guys behind it have decided to ask users what they should have as backgrounds before adding them to the next update. A great idea for me, gets users involved.

Like I mentioned the build is only 266mb so takes seconds to install from Wookie Wizard and is really smooth to use.

The modifications to the menu bar are a really nice addition to the build as well, everything on the main and sub menus is easily readable which comes in handy for people like me who are half blind, refuse to wear glasses and sit squinting trying to read the menu items in a lot of builds.

I’ve seen and reviewed a lot of builds, from experienced builders to newbies. Billy the guy who designed this build is in the newbie camp but it doesn’t show with this build. It really is one of the prettiest builds I have seen, and let’s be honest, thats the whole point of a build isn’t it? yes you get all the addons you want nicely installed for you but the whole point of having a build is that it looks good at the same time as being functional. Team Gateway Build is up their with the best looking builds I have seen and I am sure it will only get better. You can keep up to date with updates to the build and everything else kodi related in their Facebook Group

So get it installed and give it a go, highly doubt you will be dissapointed.
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