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Afternoon guys and girls. In this blog I am going to be reviewing IP Vanish and hopefully giving you some details that will clear up any misconceptions many have when it comes to using a VPN (if you are unsure of what a VPN is then you can check out our blog describing them here). Firstly lets get an overview of what IP Vanish is and what they offer. For this I will be using some visual aides 😊.

I won’t be getting too technical, you can click on the above link for the ins and outs of what a VPN offers. In a nutshell though it masks your IP Address from those pesky ISP’s who can find out exactly what you are streaming and from where. Now I am sure that the conspiracy theorists will be out in force once this is published saying if the NSA want to find you they can blah blah blah. Who seriously thinks that the NSA is interested in John from Miami who is currently streaming Wonder Woman through Exodus, they aint.

With the law changes that have come into effect recently it is, and always has been a good idea to protect yourself and your online activity, especially when it comes to online streaming or streaming via Kodi. That’s where IP Vanish and other VPN companies come in. As you can see from the pictures above they offer total security.

But how good is it? How easy is it to get setup? And how much does it cost? 

Plenty of people will tell you that a VPN will dramatically reduce your speeds, this isn’t always the case, it depends entirely on which server you choose.

The screenshot below is the speed I get without IP Vanish connected. Not great I know but more than enough.

The screenshots below show results when I have connected to various servers from around the world. The biggest reduction being the Las Vegas server.

As you can see not a massive reduction in speeds on most, in some cases you will find that your speed actually goes up a little, just a case of finding that server. Hopefully that has laid to rest the biggest myth that comes with using a VPN.

How easy is it to set up IP Vanish? Very easy indeed. You can click on any of the highlighted IP Vanish text and it will take you to their website. Once you have paid and got your login details you can download the app from the playstore or directly install the apk from the website, it’s also available with iOS, Windows and Mac. Once the app is installed you just enter your login details, choose either quick connect or scan through the various servers yourself and thats it.

So how much does it cost? You have 3 different price plans to choose from which are:

  • 1 Month $10/£8.50(roughly depending on exchange rates) which is a rolling contract.
  • 3 Month $28.99/£23(as above) which is charged every 3 months.
  • 1 Year $77.99/£65 (as above) which is billed yearly.

If you use Kodi or any other app for live streaming especially a premium IPTV provider you really should be using a VPN, especially bow ISP’s are blocking football games. You can have it installed and running on 5 devices as long as they are all on your home IP (no giving your details to your friends and family). 

So there you have it. An excellent tool that keeps you that little bit safer. Worth every penny if you ask me!!