If its blood your after theres plenty of this in the opening scenes and throughout the series from battles to a knuckle fight.  After the slaughter on the beach is complete we are introduced to convict Shadow Moon, (Ricky Whittle known for his part as Lincoln in The 100 and Calvin in Hollyoaks) who just days before his release from prison is called into the goveners office and told he is being set free early due to the tragic death of his wife. 

Finally getting a flight home discovering his seat is taken, Shadow is moved to first class where he meets conman Mr Wednesday (clearly not a coincidence) who offers him a job as his bodyguard.   Shadow has dreams/premonitions, at this point Im not sure but all will be revealed as the series continues. 

Picking up pace really quickly this feels more like a movie than a TV series, having Michael green and Bryan Fuller involved clearly shows and also some well known faces throughout and Im quite glad its not a movie as Im enjoying watching each episode.

After witnessing the strangest sex scene ever resulting in the womans lady garden sucking up the middled aged guy  whose giving her one, I’ve quickly come to realise this supernatural/fantasy show is like nothing else.  If you’ve already read the book you will understand but for those that havent, the story is based in the modern day preparing for a war between the ancient gods and the new gods that have taken their place…. gods of fame/technology/money.  Imagine the mafia but a god type version.

Discovering at his wifes funeral that she died while giving his best mate (her sisters husband) a blow job in the car, theres many a scene refering to this which has some very funny one liners worth remembering…. just in case.  While this is no where near a comedy there are several funny lighthearted moments. 

Shadow slowly discovers why Mr Wednesday wants him to work for him as various gods cross his path, there are several flash backs building up a picture of his past and those around him which is starting to make sense now.  

The series has been compared to Game of Thrones something I couldn’t get into myself no matter how many times Ive tried, but American Gods caught and maintained my attention throughout.

With each episode Im finding it all very odd/weird and still dont get it including why or what is the reason Shadow has been chosen by Wednesday,  wanting an explanation for some of the scenes and also to see what strange things happen next, (I am one of those who didnt get sixth sense until the very end lol).

Definitely worth a watch it got me hooked.

My Rating: 5/5