Morning all, we are back with another installment of The Grand Build Tour. In this one we are going to review the Vegas Build, specifically the 17.1 version but there are 16.1 versions available.

With all the upheavel in regards to 3rd party addons builds are becoming more difficult to maintain and keep up to date with the vast majority of the ones available massively out of date, the Vegas build is meticulously maintained with only working addons installed and is updated regularly to add any new or returning ones.

The build uses the ever popular Aeon Nox skin with just the one standard background for each menu item, keeping the build nice and clean. The modifications to the main menu bar look really good though and add to the Vegas theme. The Vegas build has everything you will need addon wise with plenty of all in one addons such as Bob, Wolfpack, Stream Army etc. It’s jam packed with Movie and Tv show addons that you should all know and use as well. 

Also installed are a few premium IPTV addons so if you have an account with them it’s just a case of logging in and off you go. If you are a wrestling or fight fan then this is the build for you with some excellent addons offering all the latest shows and events.

The Vegas build is supremely easy to navigate so Kodi users of any ability will be able to use it. I really like the feel and look of this build, it’s not overly cluttered like many builds who tweak and add every single thing they can when it’s not needed but still looks great.

All in all an excellent build and one that more of you should be trying out.

You can install the Vegas build via their wizard which you can add in file manager with url For the latest news on build updates and any help you will need you can find them on Facebook.

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