Afternoon guys. 

In this blog we will be giving details on the 3rd #ATK Charity Raffle and the biggest one we have done yet. After raising over £800 in the previous two raffles I have worked for weeks, begging, calling in favours and getting help from friends to amass what I think is a fantastic list of prizes for you guys to win. 

We will be raising money for two charities, The National Autistic Society ( and The Honeypot Childrens Charity ( and we are aiming to raise £1000+ to make as much of a difference to these charities as we can.

Now I am aware that some may be sceptical of this sort of thing but if you have any concerns you can join us on Facebook and ask the members who have been involved in previous raffles, hopefully the reputation of this site should allay any fears though. Usually these raffles are restricted to our followers on Twitter and members in our Facebook group but seen as the prize pool is so large and our target is what it is and after the great feedback we get from other Kodi groups for the blogs we do we thought it only fair that we make it available to as much of the Kodi community as posssible. 

List of prizes: All Prizes except those stated are available to be shipped anywhere worldwide!!

Samsung galaxy tab 4 7″” (rrp £170)

Android 5.1 Mini projector (rrp £220)

Xbox 1 X (rrp £270)

2xQ5 Pro Android 7.0 Box (rrp £160 each)

2xNvidia Shield (rrp £180 each)

3x X92 Android 6.0 box (rrp £85 each)

43″ LG 4K UHD HDR Tv (UK only for this one and only if the raffle reaches the target of £1000. If it goes past tge target an LG Soundbar will be added to the Tv rrp for the bundle £629).

Potensic Drone with HD Camera and a Celestron 130EQ Astromaster Reflector Teleacope (added 4th July)

*** Below IPTV Prizes have been added today (25/06/2017)

1 × plex lifetime sub (Firestick,ps4,samsung or lg tv only), roku stick, roku 2 or 3 box. 3 x 12 month live iptv sub 350+ channels. 2 x 6 month live iptv sub Courtesy of Satplexuk

Thats over £2000 worth of prizes!!

*All prizes are available to anyone and can be shipped where ever you are located apart from the TV.

Hopefully you all agree that these are some fantastic prizes up for grabs that have been very kindly donated from various people who like us, feel that giving back a little and raising money for two great causes is something that is not done nearly enough.

Tickets are £5 each and if you get 4 tickets you will get one free, tickets should be bought via our paypal ( or via gofundme if you do not have a paypal account ( the description in gofundme states that donations do not go towards a raffle, I have had to put that in their due to gofundme suspending it ans requesting i put that but obviously it will go towards the raffle lol,just screenshot your donation if using gofundme and send it to me on  twitter @AllThingsKodi email me or join the facebook group above so I have your name and your ticket numbers will be emailed to you or alternatively just leave your email address in the comments section, if you are lucky enough to be a winner you will also be notified by email to get a delivery address as well as a list being posted on our facebook group. I would just like to say that you are not obligated to take part, I understand it is not for everyone. The raffle is open now to buy tickets and the draw will be made July 14th.
I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this blog, I hope you get involved as we at All Things Kodi are extremely passionate about fundraising.