Morning guys, we have been asked quite a bit lately which builds are the best after all the addon closures so we thought we better fire up the Grand Build Tour again and take a look at some for you. First up is The Dark Build by Taurus which can be found in the community builds section of Wookie wizard.

A few details before we have a look at it, the build is only available on Krypton (if you have ftmc, mygica, nodi or any other krypton fork you can still install it on android 4.4.2 devices) and was last updated on the 11th June so it’s been tidied up to get rid of dead addons.

Right lets take a look at it. Using the always popular Aeon Nox skin with plenty of tweaks to the menu bar and fonts The Dark Build looks really clean and of a high quality. As with any build using this skin it’s easy to navigate and find what you want. All the menu options you are going to want are present, Tv Shows, Movies, Sports etc are all there for you with the best addons represented in the sub menus. You get nice clean widgets that don’t take up the entire screen covering the backgrounds.

Speaking of backgrounds, some really cracking ones are on show. With multi backgrounds for each menu you get some truly great ones (Vikings and Ragnar are our personal favourite). As the name suggests the theme is Dark and the menu and backgrounds work together very well.

Overall a really nice looking clean build that has become one of our favourites. It’s not too cluttered and has everything you need while being lite enough to install on any device. You can follow the builder on twitter and telegram @TaurusBuilds to keep informed when the build is updated.

So please give it a go and get it installed.

Have a great day.
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