Hi everyone, as promised yesterday in Part 1 we are back to look at APK’s this time covering live tv. We mentioned yesterday that a paid subscription like Limitless is your best bet for live tv, a few reasons for this. You get minimul buffering, 100’s of channels in full HD and no adverts popping up to bug the shit out of you. If you want to keep it free though you have come to the right place.

We are going to look at our top 5 live tv apps. Some you will have heard of and used, others you may not have. The nature of live streaming means that you are going to have times where certain channels are down, this is beyond the control of the app developers but usually they are back up and running fairly quickly. We have been testing these apps for 24 hours and they have come out on top for reliability as well as the reasons given below.

1: Mobdro (55mb file size)

Mobdro is easily the most recogniseable live tv app out there and while we are not keen on the layout the volume of channels and quality of streams sees it to the top of our list. You can download the app from here.

2: Swift Streamz (33mb file size)

This app is a new one to us at All Things Kodi but after spending an hour or so looking around it we like it. Streams from all over the world and from the ones we tested it looks nice and reliable. Not many ads either which is a bonus. Download it from here.

3: Inside 4ndroid (16mb file size)

Fairly new on the APK scene is Inside 4ndroid, it comes from a Kodi dev who moved into apps instead. You get a UK and US Tv Guide which is really impressive and seperately you get a list of all the channels. You also get football fixtures andsports radio. Thinking about it we are bumping this up to number 2. Certainly one we will be using and keeping an eye on going forward. Download it here.

4: Live NetTV (20mb file size)

This one is very similar to swift streamz with the same sort of layout and similar content from around the world. Few too many ads for our liking but the quality of the streams are excellent. Download it here.

5: Solid Streamz (28mb file size)

Another app in the same mould as Live NetTV and The similar sounding Swift Streamz. The quality of streams are great but its let down by almost constant popup ads and a lack of premium channels. If you can put up with that though then get it installed here.

So there you have it, our top 5 Live Tv apps. All of them are an excellent alternative to IPTV through Kodi. The file sizes of these apps like the VOD ones we covered yesterday are nice and small so they will work alongside your Kodi setup no problem. You can find the firedl codes for them here courtesy of koditips.com

As with any live streaming you are going to need a minimum internet speed of 8-10mbps to have it working properly. 


As with Kodi we reccommend keeping yourself protected when using these apps with a VPN. Our reccommendation is IP Vanish. You can get 20% off your 1st 3 billing cycles with coupon code WAIT.

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