Hi guys, as I am sure everyone by now knows Kodi 3rd party addons have taken a battering of late with many being completely pulled, others removing live streaming content and others moving home. While these decisions are totally understandable with devs not wanting to get sued etc it has left some quite big holes in the Kodi scene, some addons will obviously be missed more than others and I have been asked more times than I can remember lately what it means for Kodi going forward and what alternatives are out there.

When the changes to the law in the UK came into effect a few months ago I had a feeling that Kodi as we know it would either change for good or at least go through the upheavel it currently is and I had a feeling that going forward APK’s could be the way forward with many more now available offering Live Tv and On Demand content. For those of you that don’t know APK stands for Android Package Kit. In essence they are apps that are not usually found on the playstore and are installed onto your device from a website, once installed they run in the same way that one from the playstore would. APK’s are an excellent alternative and most are a lot quicker when you want to find something. In two blogs we are going to be looking at the top 5 APK’s for On Demand content such as Movies and Tv Shows and the top 5 for Live streaming, first up we will be looking at the VOD side. Many paid addons that are available through Kodi also have their own apps with either live streaming or VOD and live streaming like our good friends at Limitless which offer great content all in full HD, for the purposes of this blog though we will be looking at the best free ones available right now. All of these give you an option to add titles to a favourites folder for faster access in the future, always a good thing for that binge worthy Tv show.

Top 5 VOD APK’s

1: Terrarium Tv (68mb file size)

Terrarium Tv is our favourite VOD APK at the moment. It is really well laid out and looks excellent, think of it as a Netflix/Exodus hybrid. The reason i say Exodus is because it scrapes numerous sites and gives you a selection of streams to choose from in varying quality and file size. Offering anything you can think of, either Tv or movies from the latest releases to all time classics, there are a great selection of sub categories where you will find some real hidden gems as well and with it being so easy to navigate is why it’s our current favourite. You do get the odd ad but thats no hardship with the quality you get. Also been informed that they are working on getting Real Debrid links added which would put this app over the top. You can download the APK file from the Terrarium Tv Website.
2: Showbox (83mb file size)

Showbox runs Terrarium pretty close to be our favourite but the latters layout won out. Once again Showbox offers a wide range of movie and Tv show content. It’s also very easy to navigate and find what you want with a choice of video quality. Again you get some ads as you will with any free platform like these but once again it doesn’t really bother us. You can install Showbox v4.91 here (also available for windows).

3: CinemaBox HD (95mb file size)

Another excellent option is Cinemabox HD, offering the same content as the others but with a designated sub menu for cartoon and anime. Once again the quality of streams seems really good and it’s easy to find what you are looking for. Download it here (also available for iOS).

4: KokoTime (20mb file size)

Next up is KokoTime, with this app you only get Tv shows but the quality of the streams and the volume of whats available new or old see it into our top 5. If you are into your cartoons and anime this is one you should certainly be using. Download it from here (also available for iOS).

5: FREEFLIXhq (87mb file size)

Last but not least is Freeflix. Offering Movies and Tv shows it’s another great option to have. Set up very much like Terrarium Tv it’s easy to navigate and find what you want. More ads and a fair bit slower than Terrarium though which pushes it down the list. You can download it from here.

You can find all the Firedl codes for them from the excellent koditips.com

So there you go, our top 5 APK’s for VOD, I hope that it’s been informative and you get the chance to check them out. Each of them are available for your android device running 4.4.2 and above. Each of them are an excellent alternative to Kodi and with each of them very small storage wise you can have them installed alongside Kodi. Keep your eyes peeled for the Live Tv APK blog that will be coming tomorrow. You can find part 2 which covers live tv apk’s here

As with Kodi we reccommend keeping yourself protected when using these apps with a VPN. Our reccommendation is IP Vanish. You can get 20% off your 1st 3 billing cycles with coupon code WAIT.

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