Morning guys, been a busy few weeks so build reviews have been a bit neglected so in the first of a few build reviews we have been asked to do we will be looking at Dazzawm Krypton builds which you can find in either Ares Wizard or Wookie Wizard (Community Section). Daz has 2 Krypton builds available for you to try out. The first one we are going to have a look at is the DAZZAWM LFC Build. As a Liverpool fan I thought it’s only fair to have a look at it before the main Krypton build which will be covered further down this blog. Both of these builds are the 1st that Daz has done and for a 1st timer they are some of the best I have seen. I originally wrote this blog a few days ago but since then the builder Daz has completely revamped it. He has changed to Aeon Nox Silvo from the stock Nox skin, has added Multi backgrounds for each menu item, changed the font on the menu bars to the same font you get on the LFC Crest (kudos for that). Tweaks to settings menu turning it from the factory black to red and added an Intro video befitting the theme of the build which you can see below.

As you can see from a few screenshots of the build above it’s certainly LFC based, which you would expect, after his penalty miss and generally awful form for the last 3 months i’d have had someone else other than Milner but let’s not get into that. The build utilisies multi backgrounds with players from the current squad and some past greats on rotation for each menu item as i mentioned earlier, which should evoke more happy memories than we have been used to in recent years. 

Even though its is a sports theme build (the best one you’ll get though 😉) don’t go thinking it’s only about sport content wise. Now i am biased but I think it looks sexy as……. I love the menu bar and the backgrounds are great. Plenty of tweaking code and hard work are clearly visible as you explore the build, whether it’s that menu bar or the LFC crest as your icon when waiting for a search or function to load.

Ok so we know the build looks good but what do you get with it? Well on the main menu you have a designated LFC section with live streams of LFCTV along with a load of on demand content. Whether you want Movies, Tv Shows, Kids, Live Sport or Music you’ve got a designated section in the main menu for them. Alongside those you have a 4K section which has the best addons in the submenu for all your 4K needs. The All In One section gives you fast access to the addons that give you everything in one addon (BOB, Evolve, Skynet etc).

Even with all the addons installed the build is only around 250mb so it will easily go on any device especially a Firestick or run alongside another build if you use a Krypton fork. This build should have you covered no matter what you use Kodi for, if you’re a Liverpool fan then this has to be the build you use. The build is maintained and updated regularly and you can keep up to date with any updates by following the builder on twitter @dazzawm. 

So in our opinion even though it won’t be for everyone, especially you Mancs or Bluenoses if you’re a Liverpool fan you should get this installed and give it a go, I certainly will. You can read our install guide for Wookie here or Ares here.

DAZZAWM Main Krypton Build:

Ok now for all you non LFC fans we will take a look at the other build which again is available from Ares or Wookie.

As you can see the skin is an Aeon Nox one again but this time just the standard Nox 5 so once again it’s nice and easy to use no matter what you are looking for. Some of the same main menu sections remain the same but thats the case with all builds. You’ve still got your 4K, Movies, Music, Tv Show etc sections but along with those you have designated sections for Sci-Fi, Horror (not for me unless I have a cushion) as well as Doc Alley, which I am sure is self explanatory. Now I could go through everything to show you but wheres the fun in that for you.

Like the LFC build there are lots of little tweaks that you probably won’t notice straight away but they along with the backgrounds give the build a sleek and polished look that makes it stand out from so many other builds that use an Aeon Nox skin. Their are even some addons that I haven’t tried out before which doesn’t happen often and with the build coming in at around 160mb you can install it on any device that you have Krypton or a fork of it installed on easily. 
The build is certainly one I would reccommend to anyone, get it installed have a look around, you won’t be lacking in content whether on demand or live and it really does look rather good.
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