After the death of her mother (taking her own life when her child were 6 month old),   7 year old Mary (McKenna Grace) now lives with her Uncle Frank (Chris Evans).  

Its her first day at school and Mary is bored by the teachers simple mathematic equations and its here we discover this is no ordinary child (inheriting her gift from her brilliant mathematical mother),  her teacher starts to twig and goes on to ask her several sums, each question getting harder and harder.  At this point the cuteness of this little character is already pulling at my heartstrings.

Being offered a scholarship her Uncle refuses to let her go as he wants her to lead a normal childhood and its what her mother would have wanted.  Her rich grandmother (also a mathematician) then shows up and decides to fight Frank for custody when she realises Mary has inherited the gift.

As the film progresses we see the beautiful bond between Mary and Uncle Frank further pulling at those heartstrings as well as the relationship she has with her neighbour.  A night at the neighbours sees us chuckling as we sing along to the karaoke scene, while her uncle goes for a drink.  He bumps into the school teacher who appears to be flirting with him and they end back at his place. 

As expected during the court case, they try and bring up as much dirt as they can on Frank to try to ensure the Grandmother gains custody, Frank argues that Marys mother wanted her to be a kid and lead a normal childhood, friends, play and be happy something she never had.

They suggest a deal to put Mary into foster care until shes old enough to decide legally for herself who she wants to live with (despite telling them already she wants to stay with her Uncle).   Reluctantly Frank agrees as his lawyer feels he will lose custody.  

As he leaves Mary and her cat with the foster family,  I dont think theres a dry eye in the house right now.

Frank goes to see Mary at the foster home and is told Mary is having a meltdown and wont see him she doesn’t understand why he left her, Frank wants to see her but the foster family refuse.  

The old school teacher discovers Marys one eyed cat in the local  shelter despite the foster parents promise and Frank heads over to the foster home to get Mary back only to find his mother teaching Mary.

Will he get Mary back or will the Grandmother get her way?

A family film that will make you snuggle your kids to.

My Rating: 4 / 5