After a terrible accident, Major (Scarett Johansson) wakes to discover her brain (being told this was the only thing that could be saved), has been transplanted into a silicon shell making her the first of a kind.  

After seeing the trailer at the begining of the year, I was looking forward to watching Ghost in the Shell, several friends didnt rate the film so Id become rather put off.   I decided to bite the bullet despite the negative feedback and give the film a chance. 

20 minutes in and despite the fantastic visual graphics at the beginning I have become extremely bored.  The film doesnt seem to be going anywhere.  

Major is a silicon robot built to be a super soldier developed to stamp out cyber terrorists.  While carrying out her tasks Major starts having flashbacks and begins to question who she really is.   

She starts to become more real and takes control of her body, upon discovering this the government order for her to be deleted.  Instead Dr Ouelet goes against their decision and tries to give Major back her true memories resulting in Dr Ouelet being killed and the blame being placed on Major who has managed to escape.

When she discovers the truth about her identity and realises they didnt save her but actually choose to take her life away from her she will stop at nothing to seak revenge on those that did this to her.

Unfortunately an action film with very little action. 

Rating 1:5