Hi guys in this blog we are going to look at integrating Trakt and/or IMDb into your Kodi setup. If you are unfamiliar with either then hopefully after this tutorial you will be a little wiser and your Kodi setup will be a lot easier to navigate in certain circumstances. Ok lets just explain what each of these do and what it means when you utilise them in Kodi. In essence Trakt.tv and IMDb will do pretty much the same job but we will have a look at both and then give you instructions on how to get them working.


Trakt.tv is a free service that allows you to organize and edit your favoutite movies and Tv Shows and keeps track of what you watch and when next episodes are available in the case of Tv Shows, in essence it acts as a favourites tab in Exodus which doesn’t currently have an in addon favourites function. It also works with s.a.l.t.s and Specto, you can sign up with Trakt Here. You can create your own custom lists for pretty much anything you want. Trakt comes with a default watchlist where all your Tv Shows and movies can be added to or like I said you can create your own so you can have specific lists for a certain genre of movie or have one just for kids movies etc. Once you are signed up you can create your lists by going into your profile and then lists and then simply click on the add symbol to create a new list.

It’s then just a case of finding what you want to go in each list so just click on the search bar at the top of the screen and start finding what you want. When you have found something for your list simply click on the green book icon below the poster for your chosen pick.

Once you have all your lists organised how you want them you can get Trakt setup in Kodi. Obviously you can add to any of your lists at any time and it will automatically sync with any device that you have Trakt setup in so if you have Kodi on more than one device you have your library no matter where you are or what device you use. The installation will need to be done on each device you have Kodi on though. It really is an excellent tool and one that is even better if you have a Real Debrid account. You can check out a brief review and install guide for Real Debrid here. Ok follow the instructions below to get Trakt installed and working.

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To Install and Setup Trakt for Kodi:

Open Kodi
Select Add-Ons
Select Install from repository
Select Kodi Add-on repository
Select Program Add-Ons
Select Trakt
Select Install
Wait for Add-on enabled notification
A popup will now appear asking you to go to https://trakt.tv/activate.
Open that address in your web browser
Enter the PIN that was given to you in the popup in Kodi & select Continue
Select Yes when asked if you want to allow Trakt for Kodi to use your account
You will now see a message saying ‘Your device is now connected and will automatically refresh in a few seconds’.
Go back to Kodi and the Popup will no longer be displayed
Go back to Kodi and highlight Trakt – DO NOT SELECT IT
Open the Context Menu (C on your keyboard, right click with a mouse, long press on touch screen devices or Menu button on your remote) and select Configure
In Exclusions enable Exclude Live TV
In Scrobbling enable the 4 available choices
In Synchronize selct Service section and enable everything in there. In the Movies section enable all 5 settings. If you don’t want movies removing from your Trakt collection when deleted from your library then do not enable that setting. In the TV Episodes section enable all 5 settings. If you don’t want episodes removing from your Trakt collection when deleted from your library then do not enable that setting
Select Rating and choose the settings you want as this is down to personal preference but I normally enable them all. Select OK when completed to save your settings.

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With these settings Trakt will run when you boot your Kodi device to make sure your library is synced. It will also run when you update your library. Each time you watch content it will scrobble to your Trakt account so each device that you use Trakt on will be synced with each other.

Setup Trakt for Exodus

Open Exodus
Select Tools
Select SETTINGS: Accounts
Select Trakt > Authorization…You will get a popup asking you to visit a Trakt URL and input a PIN
Enter the PIN and authorise Trakt
Exodus will now use Trakt in the My Movies/My TV Shows section.

The same setup process will also set up Trakt in Specto.


Now like I said at the beginning of the blog these two methods are esentially the same but IMDb is a little less sofisticated. With IMDb you don’t get the tracking and other features you get with Trakt. With IMDb it is just a case of creating a free account and setting up lists in pretty much the same way as you do with Trakt. Again you can have as many lists covering a range of genres as you like and once you are done they will be in the same place as your Trakt lists. With this being the case it’s a matter of one or the other based on personal preference. Once you have created an account with IMDb if you don’t have one already its nice and easy to start making your lists.

Once you are signed up simply go to My Account and select Create List.

Give it a name and then start searching for titles to add.

Once you are done just click save. You can edit the lists at any time by simply clicking on it and add or delete titles as and when you need to. Just follow the same steps for each list you want to create. Once your lists are complete you can get them integrated into Exodus or Specto, just follow the steps below to get them sorted.

Open Kodi and go to Exodus/Specto

Select Tools>Accounts>IMDb then input user id (this can be found in the url of your account page on IMDb. The highlighted ur number in the screenshot below)

Then click ok to save it. Repeat the process for each of Exodus and Specto if you use both addons. Your lists will now be in the same place as your Trakt listings.

So their you have it, you now have faster access to all your favourite shows and movies and as long as streams are available for them you can binge to your hearts desire.

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