Evening guys, been a while since we did any build reviews but this one will be the first of a few we will be doing this week. In this blog we will be having a look at the Mondo build from a good friend of #ATK British Barley. The build is for Krypton and is his 1st crack at a build for the latest version of Kodi. Everyone who has done a Krypton build will tell you it’s considerably more time consuming and frustrating than previous versions and from speaking to @BritishBarley while he was making the build it was no different. The Mondo build is hours of tweaking, modding and experimenting. And you can tell, the build looks stunning. Using the xonfluence skin Mondo has everything right where you want it to be, on the main menu. The amount of content is mind boggling, especially for a build that comes in around 250mb, making it ideal for any device.

All the usual menu items are here, whether you want Sport or Music, 4K & 3D or an All in One section which has addons that cover all aspects of whats available in Kodi. Some addons have a designated section on the main page as well making them quicker to access. The build is clean, responsive and easy to use. I’m not normally a fan of widgets in builds but with Mondo it works with everything else, giving you fast access to the content you want. 

Mondo is an excellent all round build, perfect for families or idividuals. Where it really shines and seperates itself from the hundreds of other builds is the Extended Info Mod section which can also be found on the main menu. Whether you want the latest trending movies or Tv shows, or a classic movie or Tv show you will find them in here. Trust me it is an absolute treasure trove of content and it’s well worth an hour of your time combing through the vast amount of content thats available, you’ll find something believe me.

I installed Mondo from the Community Wizard (http://thecommunitywizard.netai.net/zip)but you can also find it in the Community Builds section of Wookie.

Mondo is what a build should do, push the boundaries and do something new. If you want a build that doesn’t just look good and work seemlessly but does something new then Mondo is a build you need to be installing and using. Mondo is updated regularly to keep it fresh and fully working as well which can’t be said for a lot of builds, you can keep up to date with any updates by following @BritishBarley on Twitter or in his Facebook Group. Easily one of the top 3 builds that we have reviewed so get it installed and enjoy.
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