Afternoon guys, hope you enjoyed and used part 1 of our Design your own Build guide. If you missed it you can get caught up Here.

In part 2 we are going to look at getting the addons you want installed and getting them set up on your main menu and your sub menus. After we have done that we will go through how to back up your build to keep it safe.

Ok, addons. Now this will obviously be different for each of you depending on what you want on your build. I’m sure all of you know how to install an addon via File Manager so i’m sure you don’t need me to go through it. For my builds instead of putting in numerous single zips I use an addon installer. The ones in Ares Wizard and Indigo from Fusion/TvAddons are excellent and so much quicker than doing each one in File Manager, they also cover pretty much any addon you will need.

Once you have all the addons installed that you want it’s time to head back to the set up Aeon Nox main menu.

Choose which menu item you want to edit. If it’s a specific addon like Exodus then you will need to change the Default Select action 1st to the Exodus main menu. Follow the screenshots and the highlighted option.

Once you have clicked on Create menu item here your default action will now change to the Exodus main menu path.

If you have a generic main menu item such as Movies or TV Shows you can either link the main menu item to a specific addon like we just did or to just leave it as blank we can click on Default select action again go down to Custom Item and write NOOP and select done. 

Sub Menus:

Ok setting up sub menus is pretty much the same as you have just done for your main menu options. You are going to need to figure out what you want as a sub menu under the main menu item you have chosen. So using Exodus as an example you could have Tv Shows, Movies, Search etc. If you have a menu item for Movies you can have certain addons movie sections as your sub memu items. This principle will be the same for each section you customize. Ok lets get it done. So from our favourite screen (Set up Aeon Nox main menu) you just need to work your way down all your main menu items and tweak them.

So we select manage submenu.

You will then get the screenshot directly above. 1st up you nees to delete any items that are listed already. We are then going to select Change action. As this is for Exodus we will repeat the process we did earlier so addon>video addons>Exodus but now we will choose which part of Exodus we want as a submenu so we select Movies (or whatever category you wish) and then click Create menu item here.

It will then bring you back here.

We are then going to choose Set label. Just type in what sub menu it is for and thats your 1st Submenu item done.

It’s then just a case of clicking Add to bring up another menu option. Just repeat the process with however many submenu items you want. 

The process is exactly the same for all your sub menus apart from the fact you may need to navigate to different addons for the same main menu item. Once you have done one entire set of sub menus (Exodus) you should have the hang of it to get through tge rest fairly quickly.

Once you have all your menu items set up as you want it’s always a good idea to backup your build. Nothing worse than having to start all over again, trust me!! Personally I use Indigo to do my backups after Echo Wizard became no more and the dev moved to Fusion and has taken iver Indigo. You can use Ares Wizard, Community Wizard. Any of the top wizards will have a backup tool. Ok so open Indigo from your program addins if you have it installed

Select Backup/Restore

Select Backup Location (you will have to backup the build to the memory on your device 1st but if you want to copy it to an sd card you can do that after. This will make it much quicker for you to get the build on other devices in your home if you have more than one)

Just navigate to a folder where you can find the build easy enough then click ok. We then click Full Back Up. Once you have the hang of creating a build we wont be doing a full back up, we will delete thumbnails and packages to reduce the size of the build but for the time being we will do a full backup to get you used to the process. In a later blog when we cover embedding your backgrounds into the build as well as changing fonts, menu bars and adding an intro video we will go through the process slightly differently but for now I want you all to get used to making and backing uo a build without overloading you with the more technical aspects of build making.

Once you have clicked full backup you will be asked to enter a name for the zip file. This is the name of your build, so whatever you have come up with and click done. Your build will now be zipped and be saved in the location you selected. The file size even without deleting thumbnails and packages will be significantly lower than before you backed it up. My advice now would be to clear data and restore your build, firstly to make sure its as it should be and secondly to save space on your device.

To restore your build just follow these instructions. Now you have made a build you should find that everything else becomes a lot easier.

Once that is done you need to install Ares Wizard in File Manager. 

  • Name it and click Ok
  • Back to settings>addons>install from zip
  • Find the ares zip and install it
  • Install from Repository
  • Ares Project
  • Program Addons
  • Ares Wizard>Install
  • Back out to the main Kodi screen
  • Programs
  • Ares Wizard 

Once you are in Ares wizard you should have this screen.

From their we need to go to backup.

Now we will be focusing on the right hand side of the screen labelled Restore. 1st off you need to click “Select Backup File. You’ll then get this.

Click Backup File and you should get this.

Now the zip you downloaded will usually be stored in your download folder so 1st of all click External Storage then find your download folder.

Once you get into your download folder find the zip file, select it and click ok.

Now you need to click refresh.

And then Restore Backup at the bottom of the screen. The build should then start installing. Once it is done you will asked to close Kodi, just click ok on the popups until Kodi closes, open Kodi up again and your build should be there.

Here is a video showing the process once you have cleared data and downloaded the zip file. Its done on SPMC but the principle of installing ares is the same on Kodi.

Hopefully your build should be their in all its glory. In part 3 of this guide we will be looking at the more in depth and complicated customization you can do to your build but in the meantime enjoy your build and we would love to see your work. You can post some screenshots to our Facebook Group. If you do get stuck with anything please don’t hesitate to ask in the group and i’ll be happy to spend anytime you need helping out.

Tata for now.