Hi guys, hope you are well. 

This blog will be a fairly short one, one on what speed you really need to watch content on Kodi. The reason I am writing this blog will be known to members of our Facebook group but for those of you who have missed my ramblings, rants and general disdain for my ISP i’ll fill you in. I moved house on Saturday, was told by my ISP that my phone and broadband package would be moved over the same day (a miracle in it’s self i know) and it actually was, to a point. After setting everything up I thought i’d do a speed test to see if i was getting the speeds promised. Let’s just say they weren’t. I barely got 3mbps. The speeds have got worse by the day since. I’m currently at barely 1mbps. Anyway with those speeds you would think that I wouldn’t be able to watch anything.

I thought so, yes I’m not going to be watching any 4K or 1080p streams until Wednesday (Openreach don’t work weekends or Bank Holidays) but even with the shit figures I have, whether via wifi or ethernet I can watch as much as I want. Tv Shows are obviously easier due to the smaller file size but me and my daughter have watched the Cam copies of Smurfs and The Boss Baby in the last 2 days if tou can put up with the odd pause for a minute or 2 to let the stream load ahead. Granted the films buffered a little but any show i have watched in SD in Zen and other addons have been flawless buffer wise.

So in closing, if you dig around a little and are willing to maybe watch something less than HD (it’s still free folks) you can have Kodi regardless of your speeds.