Hi guys, in this series of blogs we will be guiding you on how to design and make your own build for Kodi.

The most asked question i see on Facebook, Twitter and other forms of Social Media is, what’s the best build for Kodi (16.1 or 17.1). The simple truth is that their isn’t a best build, despite what all the clickbait youtubers would like you to think. A build is subjective, not a single one of them are a one size fits all option, even our own #ATK builds. What is perfect for one isn’t going to be perfect for others. Builds range from having every addon under the sun installed to lighter builds that only have a few, many menu items go unused so the best build you can have is one you have made yourself. Just the content that is specific to what you use Kodi for, with a theme (backgrounds) that you want. 

This series of blogs will hopefully give you all the tools to make your first build. You may look at a build and think no way could i make one. I felt the same way before I made my first one. Truth is even if you are not tech savvy, once you get in to it, it’s a lot simpler than you may think. You can use any device you have Kodi installed to make a build, personally I use my phone but you can use a Laptop, your box or a tablet. If you make a mistake it’s easy enough to wipe the data and start again but if you backup what you have done at regular intervals you won’t lose all the work you have done (we will cover how to backup your build in a later blog) It is also highly addictive so be warned.

Ok enough of my rambling lets get started. 

First off you are going to want to choose a skin to base your build around. There are some excellent skins available like Xonfluence, Mimic and others but for the purpose of this guide we will be using the standard Aeon Nox skin as it easy to navigate, customize and use.

To make your build you will need a clean version of Kodi (if you don’t want to lose a build you have already then I would reccommend installing SPMC to make your build on). We will be using 16.1 for this guide, primarily because it’s a lot easier to make it.

Ok let’s get the Aeon Nox skin installed.

Go to System>Settings




Get More

Aeon Nox (will install, click yes to keep skin)

You will now have the correct skin. By clicking on Settings on the above page you will bring up the page below

On this screen you can change the position of where the main menu bar is and how many items are displayed on the main menu at a time. So we are going to change how your main screen looks from this:

To this:

You do this by clicking on Aeon Nox main menu horizontal position until it changes to Low. Then click on Aeon Nox main menu layout until it changes to 3 items.

Right before we start messing with the main menu you are going to need to think of a theme for your backgrounds and source some images. You can either have one theme running throughout your build or you can have specific backgrounds that relate to the menu item you want them on. Google is always a good place to source some high quality images. Just remember that you will want them to be in Landscape format and not portrait or they won’t fit on the screen correctly. Simply find the image(s) you want, take a screenshot of them then edit them to get rid of any borders etc.

Once you have all your images sorted and saved on your device you can start to add them to your build. If you are keeping the build just for yourself it’s nice and easy. If in the future you would like to share your build with others in the community the process is slightly different but we will cover that in a later blog.

Ok back into System>Settings>Appearence we are then goung to select Setup the Aeon Nox main menu.

The screen above is where you are going to be spending most of your time and it’s where we will start. We will leave the main menu items as they are for now. Lets get your backgrounds on.

Select set item background>set single image background>External Storage, then navigate to the folder you saved your images in and select the one you want.

Your image will now be listed with the file path. If you back out into your main menu you will be able to see it.

Job done on your first background (I’m working on an 80’s Heroes Build if your wondering why it’s Street Hawk lol). Just repeat that process for all the main menu items. Before you do though we are going to change the names of your menu items. Now you will need to make a list of what sections you want. You can remove items if you don’t need as many as there are now.

We are going back into our favourite screen (System>Skin Settings>Setup Aeon Nox Main Menu). Select Pictures on the right hand side like the screenshot shows then just type in the item you want it to be e.g Exodus.

Your main menu now has your chosen background and main menu item. Just repeat that process for each menu item and the look and feel you want for your build is starting to take shape. Don’t forget that to keep the changes you have made for now to quit kodi via the sub menu under Power until we cover how to do a backup.

That should keep you busy enough for now so we will end part 1 here. In part 2 we will look at adding your addons and setting up your menu items with them and some sub menu items as well.

Enjoy, keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 coming soon.
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