Hi Guys, Ian here. This is my 1st blog for #ATK. It’s one on a new fork of Kodi which for the time being could save you some money.

Freaktab.com has created there fork of Kodi, called FTMC. I have downloaded this and played around putting a build on it and checked out just how much difference it makes to your HD streams. I will explain how to install FTMC onto your android systems in a moment as that is what it has really been tweaked for so that people with android systems below android 5.0 can have the same working capabilities as upgraded versions of programs like Kodi Krypton 17.1. So let’s have a look at installing FTMC.

First of you will need to remove all versions of Kodi on your system or you will not be able to install the FTMC player due to it sharing the same folder, if you are a bit more tech savvy you can create a new folder for it, you can then click on the link below this will take you to the forum where you can register with the group always best cause you may need assistance in the future.


You then have two choices depending on your type of box if unsure there is plenty of apps like CPU Z that will assist in identifying your hardware.

FTMC general/aml build 25

FTMC rockchip/build 25


So now you have FTMC you can now proceed to enjoy your Kodi experience on your Android 4.4.2 device as if you were using version 17.1. This does not mean you can go and use Krypton builds and addons as its just a modified version of Jarvis 16.1 you will see that the layout is very much the same as Jarvis apart from the menu which is all on one screen, this mostly makes it a lot easier and quicker to work.

So after the install I proceeded to add the group build Oddessy to it which you can find in the group page. The download procedure was the same, I never went down the route of adding the build via the stream app as I personally find it can be frustrating sometimes when the selected build or app like Kodi fails to add which I find fails more times than it works so I prefer the initial way via ares wizard.

With the build added I proceeded to exodus the add-on that has been causing the most issues when it comes to no stream available. I Selected a Movie and was provided with 23 HD streams so that was a big improvement compared to Jarvis 16.1. I also selected a TV show which put up 16 HD streams available so by all means this is definitely a helping hand to those who are struggling with their old android systems running below version 5. You can find more info on there forum and websites about FTMC, also a little description on the whole https/ssl V2 saga. Keep in mind this is a modified version of Jarvis and will aid older versions of Android for the moment, in the future, as technology is moving so fast that you will have to upgrade eventually to keep up to date with the software that is being developed as more developer’s will be taking there work to new and advanced levels.

Hope this little blog has been a help, and thanks for taking the time to read it. You can contact me on Twitter @ianw22873 or in the #ATK Builds and Support Facebook Group for any queries.
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