Jessica Jones is a private detective with a dark past and in the first episode she is hired to catch a cheating wife and also find a missing college girl. 

Jessica follows the wife, unknown to her that the guy shes meeting is Luke Cage who later in the episode she discovers has certain unusual abilities. You sense something different also about Jessica due to the flashbacks we keep seeing, but you can’t quite put your finger on it just yet. 

While trying to find the missing girl we realise the disappearance is linked to Jessica’s past. 

By the end of the first couple of episodes for some strange reason I seem to be hooked already, can the next few episodes keep my attention? …. they certainly did.  Could it be that this show is different to all the other superhero ones?  Its more realistic, superpowers are not the main focus or basis of the show and Jessica appears to be a tough normal lass who has vulnerabilities, she likes a drink and appears to have a past. 

Episode 3 and we are starting to see Jessicas dark past, her superpowers, the reason for her lifestyle and the guy behind it…. Kilgrave (David Tennant) and hes messing with her head, we now know he has the power of mind control and her recent clients are all part of his plan.  Is it revenge he seeks or control of her? 

Rating: 8/10