**Update 9th May** Odyssey and End Of Days builds for Jarvis and Krypton have been updated today. Links will change and be listed as new once they are uploaded later today
​Hi guys, quick install guide for any of our builds. All you need to do is download the zip for whichever build you would like which are listed below. You can either click on the url directly if you are installing the build on the device you are reading this on or copy it into your web browser if you are using a Laptop or Android Box. If you are using a Firestick or Fire Tv you can just put the url straight into ES Explorer and it will download the zip file for you.

#ATK Odyssey Build (Jarvis): http://bit.ly/2otNXQi (v1.02 NEW)

#ATK Odyssey Build (Krypton): http://bit.ly/2pXXzlR (v1.03 NEW)

#ATK End Of Days Build (Jarvis): http://bit.ly/2n4eLGF (v1.02 NEW)

#ATK End Of Days Build (Krypton): http://bit.ly/2nPyx5y (v1.02 NEW)

#ATK All In One Family Build (Jarvis): http://bit.ly/2nGdl0u

#ATK Laser Build (Jarvis): http://bit.ly/2md1d7D
Once that is done you need to install Ares Wizard in File Manager. 

  • http://repo.ares-project.com/magic
  • Name it and click Ok
  • Back to settings>addons>install from zip
  • Find the ares zip and install it
  • Install from Repository
  • Ares Project
  • Program Addons
  • Ares Wizard>Install
  • Back out to the main Kodi screen
  • Programs
  • Ares Wizard 

Once you are in Ares wizard you should have this screen.

From their we need to go to backup.

Now we will be focusing on the right hand side of the screen labelled Restore. 1st off you need to click “Select Backup File. You’ll then get this.

Click Backup File and you should get this.

Now the zip you downloaded will usually be stored in your download folder so 1st of all click External Storage then find your download folder.

Once you get into your download folder find the zip file, select it and click ok.

Now you need to click refresh.

And then Restore Backup at the bottom of the screen. The build should then start installing. Once it is done you will asked to close Kodi, just click ok on the popups until Kodi closes, open Kodi up again and the End Of Days Build should be there. I hope you all enjoy it.

Here is a video showing the process once you have cleared data and downloaded the zip file. Its done on SPMC but the principle of installing ares is the same on Kodi.

The builds are also available on STREaM in the Community section. It’s a great app that you can install on any android device or Firesticks then simply click on the build you want and it will do all the hard work for you. You can install STREaM here

If you are having issues with Kodi 16.1 in Exodus and other addons it may be time to upgrade your box if its running lower than Android 5.0 so you can install 17.1 to get rid of these issues. We recommend Entertainment Box. They have some excellent Android products and the offer over the air Firmware updates so you won’t be in the same postion in the future.

Alternatively you can check out our install guide for Real Debrid which gives you HD streams in Exodus etc without the need to update your equipment for now. Real Debrid is an excellent addition to whatever version of Kodi you are running. Read the guide here