Matt Murdock was blinded as a child, despite this he went on to become a lawyer but a lawyer with a twist…..

Being a DC fan I wasnt sure if Marvel was for me (struggling to sit for more than 20 mins watching Marvel films etc) and begrudgingly I decided to give it a go, after watching the first episode I couldnt believe how quickly it went and was disappointed it seemed to end so fast, I couldnt wait to watch the second show.

Episode 1 shows us how Matt came to be blind and through the episode there are a few flashbacks to his childhood.  

Matt and Foggy (his friend/colleague) set up their own Law Firm and visit jail to convince prisoner Karen Page, wrongly accused of murder to become their first client.  While interviewing her we discover Matt has hightened senses and uses these to listen to their clients heartbeat determining if shes telling the truth or not.

Despite his blindness by night Matt takes on the role as DareDevil Vigilante protecting his neighbourhood …. Hells Kitchen…… using his senses he takes on his first attacker and now Im pretty impressed.  A blind guy putting up one hell of a fight hitting his target 100% during each aim . (If your impressed now wait until episode 2 when he takes on a handfull of guys and whoops all of their arses).

In episode 2 we dont see any of the lawyer side. When the Daredevil is found injured in a trash bin by a young boy, the boy calls on the help of a nurse Clare Temple, who lives in his block.  They manage to drag Matt up to her apartment where she treats his injuries.  Matt and Clare start to form a friendship/relationship. 

While the show builds up the main story and introduces us to the main characters of the show, their roles and personalities, there are also short storylines carried out with individual cases to maintain our interest.

The show is far more serious than I thought it would be and you can sense the darkness building through each episode, by the end of episode four we start to witness plenty of  that darkness with mob style bloodshed, is it worth continuing to watch?  In my opinion most definitely it started off great and is getting better with each episode.