Morning Ladies and Gents, in this blog we will be having a look at a brand new addon released today called Aurora. The addon comes from the very talented builder The Void who does some truly stunning builds. You can read our reviews on them here.

Like i said the addon is brand new and still in development so it may be a bit up and down until it settles in a bit but it looks very, very promising so far. The addon primarily deals in live streams and vlog content, but we will have a more in depth look in a minute. Aurora can be installed from either the Community Repo or the Simtech Repo.

Ok lets take a look.

As you can see there is plenty on offer to start with, thumbnails and some more tweaking are being done as we speak so don’t worry that they are mussing at the moment. The live streams offer good quality and their are plenty of streams to choose from for most channels and from the ones i tested they seemed very stable, any dead links can be reported and they will be updated promptly, not normally the case with live stream addons.

Aurora also has some other great content from Kodi tutorials from all the big youtubers to various vlogs on a range of subjects, including gaming, i’ll be checking out the Drinks section to finally give Tom Cruise from Cocktail a run for his money. If it’s music you’re after then you are in for a treat, loads of great music content is available. I’ll let you explore the rest of whats in here yourself, I’m sure you will find something to your liking.

It’s pretty rare that new addons come along anymore that are either free or woth installing, Aurora is both so get it installed, have an explore, enjoy and visit it regularly for new content. The addon is looking to do what it does well, not do everything under the sun poorly which for me is the way every addon should be.


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