​Afternoon all, we here at All Things Kodi have just finished our latest build so in this blog we will be giving you a preview of it and how you can install it. Now we don’t use anyone elses wizard so it’s a direct install so it will be a little different to what you are used to. The All In One Family Build is compatible on Jarvis 16.1 or SPMC, we will be making a Krypton version available shortly, as long as the build is compatible with it. It’s nice and easy though no matter what device you use, if you do get stuck though you can contact me (Anthony) on our Facebook Group and i’ll be happy to help you out with any of it. Before we get to the installing of it let’s give you a taste of what you are going to get.

The build is fairly lite by design, coming in at under 500mb even with 3 profiles (For Him, For Her and For Kids) instead of installing every addon under the sun we have used the most stable and user friendly ones, if one of your favourites isn’t installed you can easily add it yourself, it won’t effect the build. 3 different versions of Aeon Nox Skins are used in the build so each is smooth, quick and easy to use.

Here’s a few screenshots of the build itself. Like I mentioned previously this build has 3 profiles to keep the whole family entertained while keeping them seperate.




These are just a few screenshots from the main menu of each profile. For Him and For Her profiles are set out like most builds with sub menu’s etc, the For Kids profile just has main menu items that will take them to the specific menu item displayed. 

Like the look of it? Hope so! Right lets get you installed.
Like i stated at the start of the blog the install process is a little different than you may be used to. If you are installing the build directly onto the device you are reading this on you can download the zip directly from this Link for Jarvis or SPMC, you can then skip the next part.

If you are installing onto an android box you have a couple of options. You can copy this link http://bit.ly/2nGdl0u (Jarvis 16.1)  into the browser on your box and download the zip file or you can do the same on a Laptop to download the zip file and then transfer it onto a usb stick (which you can then just plug into your box) this method will also work on a Fire Tv box or any other device with a usb port that supports kodi

For Firestick users you will can download the zip file on a laptop using the link above then use adb fire to send it to your Firestick. If you are unsure how to do that you can use this Guide. You can also use this method with Fire Tv Box as well i believe. You can also put the urls listed above into es explorer and it will download the zip file for you.

While the zip file is downloading you will need to delete data from Kodi/SPMC so you have a fresh base to start from. 

Once that is done you need to install Ares Wizard in File Manager. 

  • http://repo.ares-project.com/magic
  • Name it and click Ok
  • Back to settings>addons>install from zip
  • Find the ares zip and install it
  • Install from Repository
  • Ares Project
  • Program Addons
  • Ares Wizard>Install
  • Back out to the main Kodi screen
  • Programs
  • Ares Wizard 

Once you are in Ares wizard you should have this screen.

From their we need to go to backup.

Now we will be focusing on the right hand side of the screen labelled Restore. 1st off you need to click “Select Backup File. You’ll then get this.

Click Backup File and you should get this.

Now the zip you downloaded will usually be stored in your download folder so 1st of all click External Storage then find your download folder.

Once you get into your download folder find the zip file, select it and click ok.

Now you need to click refresh.

And then Restore Backup at the bottom of the screen. The build should then start installing. Once it is done you will asked to close Kodi, just click ok on the popups until Kodi closes, open Kodi up again and the End Of Days Build should be there. I hope you all enjoy it.

Here is a video showing the process once you have cleared data and downloaded the zip file. Its done on SPMC but the principle of installing ares is the same on Kodi.

The build will be updated as and when it is needed to either remove broken addons or add some new ones. The same install process will be used with any updates unless I finally get the time to make our own Wizard.

If you are looking to upgrade or add to your existing devices then we recommend Entertainment Box. They have an excellent range of Android products and the service is second to none. They ship the same day to the UK and they also ship to the US.