Afternoon everyone, hope you all had a fantastic weekend. We are back with another edition of The Grand Build Tour, in this one we will be looking at our 1st in a new series of reviews of Krypton builds. As you can see from the title this review is on Shepo’s Krypton build which is currently on v6.4. The build can be installed from Community Wizard, Ares Wizard, Wookie Wizard. Ok lets take a look.

1st up you will notice the build uses the Aeon Nox Silvio skin, which means you get a nice smooth and fast experience with everything easy to locate.

You get designated main menu items for TV Shows, Movies, Kids, Music, Sports and 3pm Kickoffs. All of these have a nice selection of widgets for quick access to the latest and or most popular content. The build makes excellent use of the Super Favourites addon whether it be quick access to Live channels, Tv Shows etc from multiple addons, the build is nice and lite, not adding a ridiculous amount of addons that just replicate whats already available so it will run nicely on any device.

The RSS feed at the bottom of the screen gives you details on updates and where you can contact the builder as well as latest news headlines which is a nice touch if like me you can get lost for an entire day watching stuff.

Looks wise the build is great with some nice backgrounds and a cool main menu bar. Pretty much everything you need is accounted for or something us missing I am sure you could find it in one of the wizards that are already installed.

All in all a really nice build that runs nicely and still looks like Kodi 16.1 as opposed to the much maligned Krypton factory skins. If you are running Krypton why not give this one a go, there are more Krypton builds being added but they are still thin on the ground compared to Jarvis.

Thanks for reading, more Krpton build reviews plus more Kodi related stuff will be added this week so don’t forget to check back in with us.
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