Hi guys, back with another review on a Krypton build. This one is on the hugely popular Kodi No Limits Magic build No.1 with adult content. You can download the same build without adult content as well as a Firestick specific build. All of these can be found in the Community Builds section of the Echo Wizard.

Ok lets have a quick look at what you are going to get.

Like a lot of the more popular builds you will be using the Aein Nox Silvio skin so it will be nice and familiar to navigate. Everything you want is right there on the main menu, along with the staples of Live Tv, Movies, Tv Shows, Kids and Sports etc you have designated sections for Evolve, Her Place and Phoenix (you have to start using The Alpha Reborn section in here if you don’t already) and obviously the XXX section for those of you that want it, I would post a screenshot but this is a family site lol.

Like with more and more builds do now you get some handy widgets for quick access to certain things, while I am not a fan of these personally due to them blocking backgrounds that usually take a lot of time to source/make and give a build it’s identity I understand some people like the convinience of having them. The backgrounds themselves are really high quality though and you get multiple ones on each menu item. You can always disable the widgets if you don’t want them in skin settings.

In conclusion it’s easy to see why this build is so popular so if you haven’t tried it out in Krypton yet I would certainly give it a go. 
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