Hi guys, i’ve been asked a fair amouny recently about updating tge equipment they use so I am just going to list some products from our good friends at Entertainment Box for you to look at. Whichever link you click on will give you the specs for the device plus some reviews from users. 

T8-V Android Box: Android 6.0.1, 4K, 16gb.

MXQ 4K Android Box: Android 6.0, 16gb, 4K

Ebox M9 Penta Core Box: Android 5.1.1, 8gb,

Ebox T8-V4 Android Box: Android 5.1.1, 16gb.

Ebox Air Mini Projector

Ebox Dual TV Stick Windows 10 & Android 5.1

All of the Android boxes offered by Entertainment box come with the IP Vanish app installed so just log in once you have an account, easy peasy. All devices also get over air Firmware updates so no need to worry about buying another new box anytime soon to keep it running Kodi properly. 
Entertainment box also do much more, VR headsets, Remotes, Repairs, Game Consoles, Amazon Fire TV and Sticks, Apple Tv. Delivery is quick and the service is second to none so make sure these guys are your 1st stop for all your tech needs.