Finally the long awaited Fifty Shades Darker has arrived, like the previous film Fifty Shades of Grey this will divide the whole female population, you’ll either love it or be disappointed. 

I went along to the cinema with 5 friends, each of us reacting differently to what we had just watched, so if you read any negativity in the reviews dont be put off, its all down to personal opinion.  So heres mine.

As we all have read the books we know the story already and whats going to happen next, watching the beginning of the film we see a flashback  of the young Christian Grey hiding from his abusive step father.  So now we are starting to piece together a little of Christians past.

Back to present day, Ana is about to take on  her new role as Assistant to Jack Hyde and Christian wants her back, what better way to start than a bunch of white roses to congratulate her.

She heads off that evening to a photo exhibition for her close friend Jose, where she feels extremely uncomfortable that all eyes are on her, when she turns she discovers a number of the photos are of her.  The pictures are for sale and Jose is informed the photos of Ana have been sold all to the same person and enter ……. Mr Grey.

As he woos her back over a meal, the film seems to then rush through each of the scenes. (This is where Im personally disappointed each scene is over too quickly).

The chemistry is much better between Dakota and Dorman than the previous movie and we see more of a romance blossoming between Christian and Ana, and as we progress through the movie we watch as Ana becomes a strong woman trying to get her way and only the odd occassion where she slips back under the control of Christian.

Back at the office Jack insists Ana attends New York with him, while Jack is quite attractive we cant help but feel something isnt quite right about him as he eyes Ana up inappropriately.  Jacks just as controlling as Christian and when Christian isnt happy for Ana to go with Jack he manages to talk Ana out of it.

The next day Ana tells Jack she cant attend New York and Jack is furious, he starts to hit on Ana and holds the door shut as he makes his move, as all girls do Ana aims for the nuts and runs out of the publishing house leaving everything behind and straight into Christians awaiting arms.

Ana finally gets to see Mr Robinson whose real name is Elena Lincoln, when Christian takes Ana for her hair and make up doin for his mothers ball, obviously Ana is furious and walks out of the shop.  The next time she sees Mr Robinson is at the ball, where Christians family show how smitten they are with Ana and its quite clear Elana wants rid of her and makes a point of putting doubt into Anas head.

As we head on through the scenes we have plenty of Vanilla so if your looking for raunchy I dont feel theres as much in this film as the previous, but Christian wants and needs Ana more than he needs a sub so its to be expected, but he still likes to be in control and one of my favourite scenes is where he gets her to take off her undies in the restaurant and on their way out in the lift, which is quite full, he drops to tie his shoelace only then to run his fingers up her legs and continues higher as he stands up n whispers in her ear “dont come”.

We go thorough many emotions, romance, lust especially where Christian is working out, panic and the proposal scene is what all us girls dream of.

As the film goes on it does get better and better despite the rush through of everything and when the credits come up your left feeling the film has ended too soon. 
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