Hi guys, been a while since we did some build reviews so this will be the 1st of a few to come in the coming days. British Barleys Kiddo build is the one we will be looking at in this blog, so lets take a look.

Before we get to the nitty gritty i’ll say that the build is very lite so it would easily fit onto a Firestick or Tablet etc that already has some of the little ones favourite stuff.

The build itself has parental control turned on so you are safe in the knowledge that any inquisitive child is not going to be able to watch something unsuitable if you aren’t supervising them. Always a must for my 6 year old daughter who can navigate Kodi better than the Wife.

As you can see from a few screenshots the main menu screen is nice and easy to navigate, with just one menu option visible at a time making it nice and simple for them to use. Boy or Girl there is plenty in this build to keep them entertained, whether thats WWE and Comic Book stuff for the boys to Princesses for the girls. You have menu options for The Simpsons, Fireman Sam, 90’s Cartoons (Johnny Bravo my personal favourite) Anime and more all just a click away from finding what they want. You will also find plenty of hidden gems but i’ll let you find them yourselves. There is also a nice splash intro video as well. Having tried a few kids builds and made a few of my own I think this one is excellent and caters for any child from 4-10ish. Perfect for a pre bed movie or keeping them entertained on a rainy day. 

All in all probably the best kids build i have come across so if you are looking for one specifically for the little ones you should be trying this one out before any others. You can download the build from Echo Community Builds under British Barley.
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