Afternoon ladies and gents, hope you are all well. In this blog today we are going to be looking at addons that have the best sporting content, whether Live, On Demand or Live Sport Channels.

Please note that addons marked * are available in Echo Addon Installer in Echo Wizard. Addons marked ** are also available directly from Ares Wizard and those marked ☆ are available from both to make things a little easier and quicker. These lists are not exhaustive, we may have missed some that you use, they are just what we have found to be the most reliable addons in the given category.



Made In Canada*, Reaper*, Evolve* NJM Soccer☆, Zodiac (Phoenix)*, Redemption*, UK Turk, Sportie*, The Pyramid*, DC Sports**, BAMF IPTV, Maverick IPTV, Lily Sports.


These are addons that show anything from live Football to Boxing and everything in between.

The Pyramid*, Made in Canada*, Find my Game*, Sportie*, Evolve*, Phoenix*, Lily Sports, NJM Soccer☆, Reaper*, UFC Finest**, Live Premiership*, Pro Sport


WWE on Demand**, UFC Finest**, Project D*, Football Replays, Pro Sport, Made in Canada (Ice Hockey)*, The Pyramid*.

So there you go, you may have heard of all of them or you may not have but these addons would be our recommendations whatever you’re looking for Sports wise. Some of these addons do require F4M Tester and Sports Devil addons to be installed. You may also need to turn off Acceleration Codecs in your video settings when watching Live Sport or TV. 

I hope this blog has proved to be at least a little informative for you. If you have any questions on where to find a specific sporting event or channel then please feel free to contact us on Twitter @AllThingsKodi or on Facebook and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Thanks for your time.


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