Afternoon guys, in this blog I thought I would do a follow on to a previous blog for the 10 Best Addons for Movie Lovers which you can find here if you missed it. With the amount of excellent TV shows around I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of the best addons where to find them. So lets get going.

Exodus: Clearly an obvious choice, even with all the drama surrounding the addon lately it is still one of the best addons for Tv Shows, especially all the latest episodes.

Specto: Probably another obvious choice, operating with the same principle as Exodus. This one though is my personal favourite and one I use before any other. Excellent again for the latest episodes and always reliable.

Release BB: As with movies the Tv section of Release bb is a must if you are looking for the latest episodes of your favourite shows 1st. Episodes are usually available in this addon an hour after they have aired so if you can’t wait until the following day this ones a must.

Series Addicts: Another “Scraper” addon and much like Exodus and Specto it is excellent for latest episodes. Some hidden gems from the past in here too for you to explore.

Zen: This one is my go to after Specto, same principle once again but always plenty of streams available with rarely any issues. 

Pandora’s Box: This addon which can be found in the Sanctuary addon is excellent for current shows and older ones alike with an excellent selection in the TV vault section.

TNPB: This section which can be found in the BOB addon has a fantastic selection Tv Shows from the past as you can see in the screenshot above. Some truly excellent shows in the imdb 25o section which everyone should check out.

BOB: The second addition from the BOB addon this one in the main part of the addon (Amazing TV) has a massive selection of on air and finished shows. An excellent place to find that show that you missed. All 1 click play as well so fairly fast to start watching.

The Pyramid: It wouldn’t be a blog from this us without mentioning our favourite addon The Pyramid. Much like BOB you get a massive selection of on air and retro shows. New episodes from New Shows are also added regularly. Some binge worthy shows you may have missed are available in here.

Ok so there are our 10 best addons for Tv Shows. I hope you enjoyed the blog and it informed you of some options that are out there.
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