By Jane Davidson

Starring: Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth and Patrick Dempsey

If you haven’t already seen this why the hell not? This is a real feel good factor film.  Get the Tena ladies ready you may end up ‘PMSL’!
Out of all the films in the trilogy this is by far the best, you may miss some of the funniest lines in the film (you will love to use these on your friends), as you will still be chuckling from the previous hilarious one, so you may need to pause/rewind several times.  
Once you get over the initial shock of Renee Zellwegers appearance and start to concentrate on the film you will start to see the resemblance we have all come to love about Bridget Jones.
The film starts off in traditional Bridget style sat on her own on her birthday, drinking wine and another tune that you cant help but wiggle around in your seat to. 

Despite being slimmer in this film she still has the same flushed cheeks, bad dress sense and naivety about her.


A quick update on all previous characters and brief introduction to the new ones before we head off for some real belly busting fun.
Single again her work colleague/friend Miranda surprises Bridget with a VIP weekend festival. Miranda states Bridget needs to ‘shag’ the first man she meets.
Dressed in white jeans and high heels typical Bridget during one of her usual awkward mishaps, has fallen “arse over tit” in the mud…..time to meet the dashing American Prince Charming Jack (Patrick Dempsey aka Dr McDreamy from Greys Anatomy) ready to rescue her and we are all swooning.  
Hold onto your seats theres many more scenes at the festival that will have you in stitches, personally my favourite are the ones with Ed Sheeran.
After loosing Miranda a now rather drunk Bridget wanders around the camp quietly (a drunken quietly) for her friend as she stumbles into her yurt or rather the wrong one, of course its the handsome Jacks.
How many fab tunes can this film fit in? Time for more chair dancing.
Next we are on our way to a christening and its time for the Mark Darcy cringeworthy moments, there is still some spark between them and they end up sneaking off.
So now Bridget’s pregnant and you’ve guessed it the film is based around whose the daddy, how does she explain to both shes pregnant and doesn’t know whose the father? Is it the charming, wonderful, caring and affectionate Jacks baby or Mr Stiffy Pants Mark?
The film continues with many more hilarious moments and leaves you guessing right until the very last minute who the father is… who will you choose as your favourite?

A 5/5 for me!!