Hi guys hope you are all well. Over the last couple of weeks their have been a couple of new additions to the Evolve family and in this blog we are going to have a look at them.

First up are going to have a look at…


As you can see from the screenshots below Jacks section has got some nice categories to have a look through, all of the content available is updated and added to daily so it’s only going to get better. You’ve got Live Sport including EPL Football with all you entertainment channels as well. There is a fairly imoressive Music section which is worth looking at including some Live Concerts. The Movie section though is where the magic happens, all the latest new releases are added very quickly and their is an excellent selection of kids movies for the little ones. A nice added touch is the requests section which has some classics in it. You can request movies to added here by contacting Jack on Twitter @evolve_jack.

An excellent addition to Evolve which is only going to get better so it’s an easy reccommendation from me to start using it if you din’t already.

Ok next up we have the other young pretender to the Evolve Throne.


This one is a big hit in my house with the wife, some excellent content available which I can’t remember seeing anywhere else. Hair, makeup and tanning tutorials which I am told are very good (the hair and makeup ones anyway). Once again all sections are uodated regularly. Also a nice selection of Music content which always go down well with my 5 year old daughter, as do the Kids movies available which their are many all in great quality.

Movie wise for the rest of us is also excellent with some blinding box sets available and an exhaustive list of Horror movies for those that don’t watch them from behind the sofa like me, Musicals, Chickflicks and as you get in Jacks section there is a section for movie requests which you can ask for via Twitter @Caira_Evolve.

Two excellent additions to the already outstanding Evolve addon, two that will get plenty of use in this house, as they should in yours. 
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