By Jane Davidson

Directed By: J.A Boyana

Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Felicity Jones and Lewis Macdougal
If its a feel good film your after it wont be happening here. You will need a big box of tissues thats for sure. 

This is a must see sad portrayal of a young 12 year old boy Connor who has to watch his mother through a terminal illness, a film that will give you a better understanding how children really are in these situations. 

While his mother lays in bed too ill to do anything, he gets himself ready and heads off to school. His teacher is sympathetic to him drifting off in class but the school bully is giving him the eye and after class Connor has to endure him beating and abusing him.  

Back home he gets lost in one of his drawings when suddenly strange things start to happen.  Hes not the only one who appears scared at this point.  
And here we are introduced to the Monster (voice of Liam Neeson), the monster appears and heads towards the house, through Connors window the monster speaks, oddly Connor stands up to him.

The monster grabs him and informs Connor he will be back to tell him three stories at 12:07 in what appears to be an un-christmasy version of stooge and on the fourth night Connor will tell the story…. his truth…..Connor appears back in his room.

The next night Connor wakes from a nightmare and the strange happenings reoccur and he senses the Monsters return.  Connor heads outside to face the scary monster stood in front of him, not fearing him they start to argue and he tells him he doesnt have time for this, but the Monster insists.

Now we have the first tale in what is an animated kind of dark story, none of this will be making sense yet.

Its heart wrenching watching the film as Connor watches his mum deteriorate in front of his very eyes, then at school having to endure further bullying, is there no break for this poor kid. On top of this he has to now stay with the awful Grandma as his mum goes back into hospital.

A quiet moment and he finally has some time to be just a boy, colouring, playing in the garden etc and scouting around Grandmas house. The door bell rings and his little face lights up as his dad is stood there waiting for him (he lives in America) and they head off for some father/son fun.

Alone at Grandmas Connor once again becomes inquisitive and the Monster appears for a second story.  They appear to be striking up a friendship and at the end of the story you witness the after effects.

Each moment of the film you feel for him more and more and Connor needs the help of the monster. As his mum is slowly slipping away, this is where I leave you as anything else may spoil this for you.

You can find A Monster Calls in all the main movie addons.

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