****This is no longer a stand alone addon and is part of the Alpha Reborn section in Phoenix, content and review still relevant though****
Hi folks, very excited to be writing this 1st blog of 2 in a double exclusive for some new addons that are in development from one of my favourite devs and absolute legend The Alpha, so firstly I would like to thank him for giving me access to the addons. Apart from The Alpha we are the 1st to see this addon in action before it’s been released. So enough of my fawning, lets crack on with it.

As you will probably have guessed this 1st addon is called 4K Media and as the name would suggest it is fully focused on 4K Content, the 1st addon to do so I believe. At present there are around 60 Movies in 4K which is significantly more than any other addon currently has with a selection of sources to choose from, these will obviously grow as time goes on. Also in development is a 4K TV Show section but the amount of content currently available for that is limited but will obviously grow as more become available. 

Here is a little taste of what will be available upon release.

The Alpha has said that the amount of work he has put into this already is ridiculous which I would imagine is an understatement. Massive props goes to him for doing it. I have been advised that the addon should hopefully be ready to install in a week or so after finalising the TV section, and I for one cannot wait. 

Obviously to get the most out of all this content you are going to need a 4K TV and Device but I know plenty of people have been crying out for more 4K so this should excite you all as much as me and if you haven’t seen Mad Max Fury Road or Life of Pi in 4K you are in for a treat.

You can follow The Alpha on Twitter @TheAlphaP for updates. We will do a full review once its available to install.

Can’t wait……………

If you are looking to upgrade your device I reccommend Entertainment Box, you can find the website here.