Morning, Afternoon, Evening folks. Got a double header in this edition of The Grand Build Tour which is on the 2 builds from The Void. First up we have the main Void Build, we will get to the Void Mini Build later on.

This is the first time I have come across the Void builds after hearing many good things about across the Kodi Community and at first glance it has every addon you will ever need and more, you have movies, TV shows and all the other standard main menu options you get with other builds, but then you get options for Documentaries, Horse Racing (😉) Anime, Gaming and News. All the major players are here to, for all your needs whethwr it be Movies, TV, Sports. Right there on the main menu. Then we have the backgrounds, many builds may have or come close to the content on the main menu for you, but none come close to the stunning backdrops you get with this build. I was truly blown away, as a fan of the Stars and everything beyond this is right up my street. 

You even get some active backgrounds!! An obscene amount of work has gone into this build and at 723mb total size you can just about get it on any device, it’s pushing it for Firesticks but we will get onto the other build in a moment which fits onto that nicely. 

In summary, the best looking and most detail oriented build in terms of quick access via the main menu I have seen. An awesone build in my mind.

Now onto the Void Mini Build

As you can see you get different backgrounds if you aren’t as much of a Patrick Moore (that’s the right one isn’t it) and Astronomy fan as me but you do not miss out when it comes to content. Everythimg you will need is here, movies, Tv, On Demand, Sport, the lot but at 553mb it will easily be at home on any device. Again like the main build it is easy to navigate to find what you are looking for, smooth, responsive and very good looking.

You can follow @voidbuilds3 on Twitter for any updates and you can find the builds in the Community Repo Wizard or Wookie Community Builds.
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