Morning guys, I thought I would do a blog on the 10 best addons for movies available at the moment. I would like to stress that these are my reccommendations based on the content available in each addon, you may disagree but thats the beauty of Kodi and are in no particular order. Lets take a look.

Exodus – I’m sure this addon needs no introduction, the sheer volume of Movies would mean it gets into any list.

Valhalla – Available in BOB this addon has a great selection to choose from, from the latest Screeners to some classics, you can also search for your favourite Actor. Easily makes this list.

Wolfpack: Some excellent content available in Wolfpack for any movie addict. 1000’s of titles available in nice easy to find sub categories.

Project M: An addon that seems to have been around forever but it’s always reliable, adds new movies quickly and has a massive selection, whether HD, 4K 3D etc.

Safehouse Movies: Fairly new to the kodi scene Safehouse movies has an excellent selection of films from 2000 onwards. 

Redemption – This addon has only been out about a week but by all accounts its been the most installed addon in this time. It’s got a great selection of 4K, Box Sets, Screeners and new Movies. 

Dandy Media – An addon that has been around for a while but one that is always dependable for good quality Films and is excellent if you have a Real Debrid account.

Caira  Evolve – Another new addon on the scene but like everything else with Evolve they have struck gold. Some great Classics, Box Sets, Kids Movies. Also takes requests which is a bonus for me.

Skynet: An addon thats an amalgamation of Silent Hunter, Maverick, Dojo and Supremecy. An excellent addon for new releases and 4K content.

The Pyramid – My go to addon for getting the newest releases 1st which are clearly listed for quality and they have just introduced the option tonwatch a trailer before the movie. Masses of other movies available from Top 250 Imdb list, Boxsets and plenty more. 

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