Afternoon everyone. We have another addon review for you today on an excellent Addin called Project D. 

Many of you may be aware of the addon as it is normally preloaded on most builds but I feel for the amount of excellent content it has, it is sorely underappreciated. 

Lets start with the 3D Hub section, over 200 HD 3D movies are in here, thats the biggest collection of 3D movies in one place I have seen in Kodi and i couldn’t find a single dead link, thats some serious hard work. Has to be your go to addon for 3D content going forward.

Once you start looking around the addon you appreciate just how much on demand content is available, content I am not sure you will find anywhere else. From the latest NFL games to every Superbowl. Every game of this seasons NBA and NHL as well as the World Series and Regular Baseball games from last Season. Their is Formula 1, Moto GP, Rugby, Full Premier League Football Games, Match of the Day. UFC, Motorcross. The list is long. Everything is HD and like the 3D Hub section I was unable to find a dead link. 

All in all Project D is a fantastic addon for all your On Demand Sports and 3D Movie needs. If you don’t have this addon installed you can add it in File Manager with url or it can be installed from ares wizard, Echo addon installer and the streamteam repo.

Trust me you won’t regret it. If you have any issues or would like to request anything you can do so via Twitter @staples1968.

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