Ok guys we are back with another edition of the Grand Build Tour, in this blog we will be taking a look at the 1st of 3 builds from the Kodi Nutz Team. The Horror Nutz Clean Build v1.35. The build can be found in the Community Section of Ares and Community wizards. Right lets have a look.

First up, an immense amount of work has gone into this build which uses the Aeon Nox Silvio Skin. Every addon you can think of is in here, with many getting a designated spot on the main menu, never a bad thing, means no trolling through video addons to find what you are looking for. With all the content available on the build it means it will not be suitable for Firesticks.

As you can see from a few screenshots of the build it looks fantastic and if you are a horror buff I can’t think of a better build for you, even with the size and amount of content the build is smooth and quick to navigate. With plenty of widgets for fast access on the main screen to what you want. You can find a group on Facebook (Kodi Nutz) that will give you any help and keep you up to speed when the build is updated.

All in all another excellent build that is available in the Kodi Community and one I would highly reccommend.
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