Hi guys, i quick blog for you with this one. After reaching 1000 members on our Facebook page after an idea from one of our admins Naji I decided to offer a bespoke build to one of our members who wanted one. After posting the build we made for our competetion winner from the specs given to us by him (a selection of pictures below) we have been inundated with requests. With this in mind we are now taking requests to go on the list to have a build made.

You can decide on what content you want, what backgrounds whether they be a favourite Movie or TV show, Hobby, Family Pictures if you were giving a device as a present to a family member, whatever you can think of really we will make happen. Below are some screenshots of a couple of bespoke builds we have done.

I will be doing these builds at no cost to you in my spare time. However some interested parties have expressed an inclination to make a donation if you would like to donate to All Things Kodi for the maintenence of this site, developing the builds etc then you can do so via paypal here. This is not mandatory and a donation could be the cost of a Pint, a fiver, whatever you feel is acceptable but any donations are appreciated.

We are now taking requests for Bespoke Builds which we will begin making from the 1st February. If you would like to request a Build then please join our Facebook Group via the link at the top of the page or you can contact me in Twitter @AllThingsKodi.
Thanks for your time.

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