Hi folks, in this blog we are going to be looking at a brand new addon that is available from the Echo Installer called Redemption. 

Redemption is an all in one addon, it has Live TV and Sports, all in excellent quality. A great selection of TV Shows and Kids Movies, all in HD.

Movie wise there is a great selection of Box Sets, 4K, Screeners and 3D as well as an impressive back catalogue. The Music section has some of latest top selling albums and I am sure these and every other section will be added to on a regular basis. 

Everything is laid out so it’s nice and easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. For a new addon this has a lot of potential to be one of the go to addons. Looks very impressive and is a must to go along with your already installed addons.

The addon can be installed from Echo Installer which you can install from the Echo Repository under Program addons. If you do not have the Echo Repo you can install it via File Manager with url http://echocoder.com/repo

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