Hi guys.

After many hours, much swearing and broken furniture I have finished our 1st build. Although it is far from perfect I am very happy with it and moving forward it will only be improved on. I have kept the size small enough so it will run smoothly on any device but you have all the addons you will need. I would like to take this opportunity to thank a couple of people, without them this would have been much harder. Firstly Naji Termos, an admin in the Facebook group who designed the backgrounds and tested the build for me, I owe you a beer mate. Secondly I would like to thank Tom Bebbington who is the dev for The Pyramid addon and the Tomb Raider build for his help with the final stages making this build available for everyone. You are a true credit to the Kodi Community mate. Lastly the Echo team for hosting the build.

I would also like to thank our followers on Facebook and Twitter for all the positive comments, I hope I have done you all proud. I am already working on the next build to accompany this one.

Ok lets show you some pics of what you will be getting.

The build is available to install from the Community section of the Echo Wizard, a guide for installing the wizard can be foundhere

Remember you need to clear data before installing the Echo Wizard, once it is installed go to Programs>Echo Wizard>community Builds and look for The ATK Vikings Mono Build, you will have to scroll down to the bottom to find it (Listed as All Things Kodi) until all you lovely people install it.

There are a couple of issues that i missed which will be fixed on the next update, the main menu options do not go where they are supposed to apart from Exodus, Sanctuary but the addons you need in the other options are underneath. I got a bit excited and forgot to change them.

Any feedback you have, positive or negative is welcomed via our Twitter account or Facebook page which can be found on the main page of this site. If all you have to contribute is “it’s shit” you will probably get a similar response back. I am open to constructive criticism, without it I won’t be able to make improvements.

Many thanks, I hope some of you like it.

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