****Update Pushed 18th January, new backgrounds added which you can see below, 4Horsemen, Echo Streams, StreamScene, Made in Canada, Real Movies and UFC Finest added, Evolve fixed in Sub Menu. Looks even better than before!****

Hi guys, back again with the next installment of The Grand Build Tour. For this one we will be covering Wullies Mini Build which can be found in the Community section of the Wookie Wizard, install instructions can be found here.

Ok lets get cracking. Wullies Mini Build is one of the smallest builds you can get, it’s perfect for Firesticks or as a seconday build on a box if you have Kodi and SPMC, but that doesn’t mean you are missing out on anything. It is still packed with all the addons you will need.

I love the look of this build, the backgrounds are fantastic, it’s clean, quick and easy to navigate which makes it enjoyable to use.

Everything you need is in here, Sports, Live TV, Documenteries, Movies, TV, the lot! Honestly I am not sure how Wullie has managed to pack as much into it while keeping the size small enough for any device.

This Build will always be my first reccommendation to anyone using a Firestick, it’s fantastic. 

You can follow Wullie on Twitter @WilliamMcGinn11 for any help and for information on updates. 

Get it installed, have a look. You won’t be disappointed.

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