By Jane Davidson

Starring: Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin, Charles Dance and Janet McTeer.

Grab your blanket, popcorn and a huge box of tissues, this is no ordinary love story.

Boy meets girl, boy falls in love, girl falls in love yeah yeah heard it all before, but in true British style they have broken away from the norm, no hearts, flowers or tweeting birds and certainly no prince who will come and whisk you off your feet and rescue you.
What’s great about Me Before You is that it feels real right from the start, there’s no false pretences, it’s not something only dreams are made off and that’s why this will become your favorite love story.
Whilst It’s not a comedy, there are the odd funny moments we have all experienced, the embarrassment we feel at the hands of our parents and a load of foot in mouth ones at the least inappropriate times that you can see yourself saying too.
We start off meeting the girl, Louisa Clarke, who you instantly fall in love with.   A typical working class quirky lass with a large family, unemployed dad struggling to make ends meet and she’s working in a little cafe to help financially as much as she can.
When she loses her job and goes home and tells the family you can’t help but feel you’re part of this and despite the lack of excitement yet, you continue to watch.

So the girl gets a job interview, of course working for the rich handsome guy William Traynor with his very own real castle and instantly you just know he’s also going to be the bad guy.
It’s the moment they meet and the awkwardness envelopes you when, instead of a white horse the handsome prince sports the latest, top of the range, hi-tech wheelchair.
A motorbike accident left this thrill seeker, sporty, loveable party guy completely paralysed which makes him angry, awkward and a total arse.   Instead of walking away like all his other carers she stays, that’s the sort of girl she is.
As time goes by and she starts to stand up to him, they build up an understanding which you watch turn slowly into a lovely friendship.
Upset when  she overhears his family talking of his decision to go to switzerland for an assisted suicide, can she find a way to show him how life can be and talk him out of it?
She starts to carry out her mission, during many adventures you see them subtly fall in love and you’re on the edge of your seat longing for that first kiss.
At the end of a holiday together she tells him she loves him, he tells her he is going ahead with his decision to go to Switzerland breaking her heart and on return to the airport she walks away.  She realises this can’t be the end and rushes to Switzerland, can she make it in time?  All love stories have a happy ending right………

Rating: A solid 4/5

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